24 Websites Like Udemy and Alternatives


Last updated on September 22, 2021

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Udemy is a popular e-learning destination where millions of students take thousands of classes by industry professionals. Classes are available in 10+ categories including development, business, marketing, photography, design, test prep, and more. Many of its top-rated free and paid courses focus on app development, programming, software, and other tech courses.

Anyone can create a course, self-publish, and teach on Udemy. The self-publishing approach helps Udemy attract new instructors daily and a variety of pedagogy and subjects. It also helps them to get influencers who want to make extra money. On the other hand, Udemy’s open-door policy can attract unqualified teachers who produce subpar content. Moreover, some instructors crank out second-rate tutorials only to turn a quick buck, without regard for their students. For example, one instructor taught a course about passive income with his shirt off (very unprofessional), whereas another taught an offensive course called, “How to Hack a Girl.” Udemy has since removed the content.

Udemy wants to provide an enriching platform and continues to raise its content standards. It must compete in the lucrative e-learning sector, where many worthwhile competitors are seeking market share. Secondly, Udemy is a department store of subjects with over 100 subcategories. That allows specialty and niche education sites to differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantages.

Websites Like Udemy & Best Alternatives

Let’s explore several reputable alternatives to Udemy for programming, app development, ecommerce, business, marketing, finance, industry training, and art/creativity classes. The following e-learning platforms target all types of learners and ages with many providing course completion certificates.


Alison offers free online learning via interactive multimedia for basic education and workplace skills training. It enables students to study, learn, upskill, and get certificates.

Amazon Web Services

AWS offers training, certifications, and support for cloud, virtual server hosting, container management, serverless computing, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), networks, security, and more.

CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets provides innovative IT training that is informative, meaningful, and engaging. Training is delivered through high-quality online streaming videos.

Cisco Learning Network

The Cisco Learning Network provides learning tools, training resources, and Cisco certifications for careers in IT.


Codecademy offers free and paid web development, programming, and data science courses. Students can take classes about HTML, CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby, and more.

Coursera (Recommended)

Coursera enables you to learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and Intel. I’ve taken several marketing courses on Coursera.


CreativeLive has classes for the creator in all of us. Course categories include photography, videography, design, music, audio, life, and more. Pay for courses or take free courses daily.


Domestika is the fastest-growing creative community where the best creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses.

Economist Test Prep

Economist Test Prep offers online GMAT and GRE preparation courses that use adaptive technology to focus on individual areas that need the most improvement.


edX offers interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and others.


ExpertRating offers leading and affordable online certifications to students and professionals who are looking to add new skills and credentials to their resumes.


Fiverr Learn is an educational platform where freelancers and business owners can acquire practical skills and learn from industry leaders.

Google (Recommended)

Google has an extensive catalog of courses from marketing (Skillshop) to cloud training. It also has many courses on Coursera. Certifications are also available for many of its courses.

HubSpot Academy (Recommended)

The HubSpot Academy has courses, lessons, and certifications for digital marketing, sales, management, and customer service.

Investopedia Academy

The Investopedia Academy offers financial, investment, and trading courses online.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy offers online courses on a variety of subjects. Learning tools include videos, practice exercises, and materials for instructors.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning focuses on business, creative, and technology courses. Also, students receive course completion certificates.

Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation offers courses that are developed and taught by expert instructors, many of whom are well-respected developers in the open-source community.

Pluralsight (Recommended)

Pluralsight helps individuals evaluate their technical abilities and close skill gaps in critical areas like cloud, mobile, security, data, business, marketing, and web development.


Shopify Compass (Recommended)

The Shopify Academy offers online training and business courses that are taught by industry leaders and real-world entrepreneurs. Dropshipping 101 and Grow Your Business With Instagram are two such courses.


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of free and paid classes in design, art, business, marketing, technology, and more.


Springboard offers online courses in cutting-edge career paths such as data science, design, analytics, marketing, and security.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review provides college prep, graduate prep, admission products and services, and private tutoring. Take classes for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and more.


Udacity offers mostly tech courses and “nanodegrees,” for example, full-stack web development, data analysis, machine learning, iOS development, and game development classes. Also, it continues to expand its catalog with business and marketing courses.


YouTube isn’t only about music, prank, and unboxing videos. I and millions of people visit the site for how-to, educational, and instructional content. Many YouTubers upload videos ranging from website development to cooking to playing musical instruments. The YouTube Creator Academy offers courses and education for content creators.


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