TubeBuddy Review 2023: Must-Read Before Buying

January 10, 2023

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Like you, I frequently come across many videos with millions of views on YouTube. Some creators have a “Midas touch” or luck, enabling them to produce viral videos without much effort. However, most full-time YouTubers implement plans and strategies to succeed. For instance, many creators do keyword research to improve their search rankings and discoverability. Other users implement several tactics to increase their subscribers and likes.

Although YouTube’s Studio application is robust, many creators use third-party products and services to support planning, strategy, and channel management. One such tool is TubeBuddy, which is popular among YouTubers. Let’s review how it can help you get more views, subscribers, and revenue in this post.

Review Criteria

Many YouTube tools help creators in different areas, from thumbnail creation to keyword research to tag management. TubeBuddy’s mission is to “make you and the rest of the YouTube Community a happier and more productive bunch.” It also wants to “build tools to make it easier” to succeed on YouTube. As such, TubeBuddy should be able to support the following areas:

  • Analytics
  • Bulk updates
  • Comment management
  • Competitor research
  • Data backup
  • Demonetization prevention
  • Marketing and social media
  • SEO and keywords
  • Tags
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Tips and insights
  • Video optimization

TubeBuddy Overview

TubeBuddy launched in 2015, and its headquarters is in San Diego, California. It offers a suite of tools to help YouTubers, creators, marketers, and agencies grow their channels. Its free browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) features many tools for productivity, keyword research, tags, bulk processing, analytics, and more. Its web app provides dashboards and charts for various video and channel metrics. Many features are free to access, while others are available through paid plans. TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified app. Its main competitor is VidIQ. (Read TubeBuddy Vs. VidIQ: Which YouTube Tool Is Better?) BEN acquired TubeBuddy in 2020.


To understand what’s working and not working on your channel, you need analytics to make intelligent and strategic decisions. TubeBuddy provides video and channel statistics on any user through its browser extension and web app.

Browser Extension

TubeBuddy’s Videolytics side panel offers high-level video and channel data. The data set includes total views, comments, and ratings for any video.

The social media section highlights Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter engagement stats; for example, the number of Facebook likes. The channel section highlights total views, subs, and videos.

Channelytics, a different feature, is available on a channel’s homepage and displays live stats, including total and 30-day metrics for views, videos, and subs.

TubeBuddy Videolytics

Web Application

TubeBuddy’s web application offers useful analytics and insights, such as health reports, retention analyzers, and usage stats.

The Health Report displays channel and performance stats, traffic sources, engagement, and audience demographics.

The Retention Analyzer shows retention rates by time and percentage for your 50 latest videos. You can filter your videos by type and length.

Usage Stats show how much time and money you have saved by using TubeBuddy.


Bulk Updates

Updating videos one at a time is burdensome and inefficient. TubeBuddy has you covered with many time-saving functions, including:

  • Bulk update, copy and delete end screens
  • Bulk update and delete cards
  • Bulk find, replace, and append metadata
  • Bulk update playlists
  • Bulk add and remove overlay images on thumbnails

Comment Management

TubeBuddy has a range of features to help creators manage their comments.

  • Canned Responses are pre-written messages that you’ll use to address repetitive comments. Suppose you frequently receive, “Where can I buy your online course?” or something similar. Your canned response could be, “You can buy it at, and thanks for your support!”
  • The Comment Filter function enables you to manage and sort comments using various parameters.
  • Comment Spotlight identifies comments from your Patreon supporters.
  • Notification Commenting enables you to reply to comments directly from the YouTube notification window.
  • The Comment Word Cloud gives you a visual representation of what people are saying about your videos.
  • Export your comments to a CSV file to manage.

TubeBuddy Comment Feature

Competitor Research

At the top of Videolytics, the compare button allows you to compare videos to one another. Secondly, you can get notifications and alerts when your competitors upload new videos. Notification options include email, app notification, and text message. Finally, the web app has a scorecard tab for comparing your channel to others. Performance data covers 30-day and lifetime totals for views, subs, and uploads. Bar and line charts are available as well.

Data Backup

TubeBuddy enables you to download all your video and channel metadata to a CSV file.

Demonetization Prevention

Demonetization concerns are ever-present on YouTube. TubeBuddy’s Demonetization Audit finds words in your title, description, or tags that might turn off advertisers. For example, the title, “How to Shoot Great Pics With Your Smartphone,” would be identified as potentially troublesome because the term “shoot” could refer to tragedy or conflict. Additionally, the Demonetization Double-Check feature quickly finds demonetized videos on your channel to submit for manual reviews.

Marketing & Social Media

TubeBuddy enables you to share and track your videos across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also monitor the engagement of your videos on Twitter and Reddit.

SEO & Keywords

An understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can be a game-changer on YouTube. The goal of SEO is to improve your search rankings, discoverability, visibility, and relevance. There are many pre-and post-publishing factors.


TubeBuddy’s Search Explorer side panel highlights several data points for a search query. Suppose you search for the term “passive income.” The Keyword Score tab indicates search volume, searches per month, competition, and overall competitive score. The Keyword Stats tab specifies the top videos’ most and least views and the number of keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags. Related searches and frequently used tags are also visible.

On the Videolytics side panel, the Search Rankings tool lets you see where a video ranks on YouTube for all its tags.

The Keyword Explorer is available in the web app. It provides similar data to Search Explorer. Users also get rising related queries, trending, and historical interest and map totals from Google Trends.

The Keyword Ranking Tracker is another neat feature. It enables you to track your videos’ (and your competitors’) ranking across YouTube and Google search results. You can set performance reports to generate automatically.

The Opportunity Finder offers suggestions for channel growth based on performance and analytics.

The SEO Studio tool can help you craft the perfect title, description, and tags to get your videos seen.

Tag Management

TubeBuddy makes managing tags user-friendly and efficient. It gives you tag suggestions in real-time as you type. Tag Lists make it easy to access and reuse tags that you use frequently. With the Tag Sorter, you can reorder your tags quickly and easily. Lastly, view and copy tags from one video to the next via the Videolytics side panel.

TubeBuddy Tags

Thumbnail Generation

With TubeBuddy’s thumbnail editor, you can create professional-looking thumbnails using still frames from your videos. Choose a background, add text/designs, preview, and publish. Furthermore, save and reuse templates for consistency across your videos.

Tips & Insights

TubeBuddy walks the walk with a robust YouTube channel. It has hundreds of videos featuring tips, ideas, tutorials, strategies, interviews, live streams, Q&A, YouTube news, and promotions. It also has a blog with content that differs from its YouTube channel.

Video Optimization

There are three tools to help you optimize your videos. The Best Practice Audit function automatically checks to ensure you’re following YouTube’s recommendations; for example, it will check for broken links. On the Videolytics side panel, the best practices section highlights eight activities to improve your video’s performance, like adding cards and end screens. Lastly, follow a default or custom upload checklist to ensure you complete critical actions, such as enabling monetization.

Other Features

TubeBuddy Features Page

Here are some other cool and valuable tools that TubeBuddy offers.

Productivity Tab

  • Create embed codes with a comprehensive list of options.
  • Learn about COPPA and identify which videos of yours are rated “Made for Kids” by YouTube.
  • Create multiple upload profiles for different types of content.
  • Add emojis to your titles, descriptions, and tags to differentiate yourself.
  • Get card and end screen templates.
  • Use a quick links menu to navigate YouTube more efficiently.
  • Easily navigate between videos when editing a list.
  • Schedule unlisted videos to be published or added to playlists.
  • Schedule videos to be hidden or removed from playlists.
  • Schedule updates and changes to your videos.
  • Use the Video Topic Planner to help with ideation.

Video SEO Tab

  • Translate titles, descriptions, and tags into other languages to increase your global viewership.
  • Add professionally transcribed captions to your videos.
  • Split and A/B test titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions to find what works best.

Promotion Tab

  • For a contest or giveaway, randomly select a user who has commented.
  • Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos.

Data & Research Tab

  • Monitor YouTube for new videos, playlists, and channels that mention you or your brand. This feature is beneficial to find users who are infringing on your work.
  • Grant specific people access to your TubeBuddy account.
  • Understand how much your channel and videos are worth to charge advertisers correctly.
  • Get a breakdown of the languages spoken by your audience.


  • Use TubeBuddy’s mobile app for work on the go.
  • Integrate with other platforms, including Patreon, MagicLinks, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Get over ten perks and discounts from video, audio, and graphics companies (for paid users only). For example, you’ll get one month free plus a 30 percent discount on Filmora‘s video editing software.
  • Earn up to 30 percent as a TubeBuddy affiliate.
  • Celebrate, download a certificate, and share your channel milestones and achievements on social media.

Missing Features

TubeBuddy is an excellent all-in-one YouTube tool with a myriad of benefits. However, compared to its main rival, VidIQ, it’s missing a couple of items.

VidIQ overlays like/dislike rating scores on all the videos on a channel’s video tab. Therefore, you don’t need to click on a video to see its rating.


TubeBuddy has five plans, including Free, Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise. Coupons and discounts are available for annual billing, multiple channels, and nonprofit entities. For example, the Pro plan costs $9 monthly but can cost as little as $2.80 with a discount.

TubeBuddy PlansPricingFull Feature Access
Free Plan$0/month17
Pro Plan$9/month36
Star Plan$19/month51
Legend Plan$49/month62

TubeBuddy Pricing

Affiliate Program

TubeBuddy has an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a way to earn money by sending visitors (traffic) to a website. TubeBuddy pays a recurring commission of up to 30 percent per sale. The program is an excellent way to earn passive income.

Final Word

TubeBuddy is unlike any other YouTube tool on the market, and it’s fantastic for creators of all levels, including beginners. It’s an exceptional application that should be in every toolkit. It’s packed with a broad range of functions (60+) to support the most critical areas of channel management and video optimization. New and innovative features come often, and TubeBuddy encourages you to request new ones. Furthermore, they do a fantastic job of providing feature overviews, video tutorials, and tips on their website.

TubeBuddy excels in analytics, bulk processing, comment management, keyword research, tag management, and competitor insights. Videolytics and Channelytics panels offer many useful statistics and comparison metrics. The various bulk update tools save time and increase productivity. The same can be said about the suite of comment management functions, which simplify, quicken, and improve community engagement.

The keyword and tag tools are terrific and support SEO activities. Users get keyword suggestions, recommendations, and ranking insights to improve their discoverability and visibility. Tag management is complete with the ability to view, copy, sort, reorder, and translate. The competitor research tools are robust and allow you to move in lockstep or outsmart your competition.


TubeBuddy goes to the extreme to support metadata, scheduling, productivity, and marketing. For instance, a quick links menu enables creators to navigate YouTube more efficiently. Additionally, members get perks and can connect to third-party apps to scale their YouTube businesses.

Install TubeBuddy’s free browser extension to boost your views, subscribers, performance, and revenues. You can also test VidIQ’s free browser extension alongside TubeBuddy for a direct comparison.

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