MailerLite Vs. AWeber: Which Is Better?

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Social media, live chat, live streaming, and chatbots have people talking about efficient ways to interact, market, sell, and build brands. Those technologies are new compared to email marketing, which has been around for decades. With that being said, 99 percent of people check their emails daily including me. Also, many of us enter our email inboxes frequently and more than our social inboxes. Not only is email marketing not dead; it’s alive, healthy, and kicking butt. Email marketing is an effective way to communicate, reach prospects and customers directly, and close deals.

Email 128 FIEmail marketing plays a pivotal role in my online business. As a traffic source, it ranks second after organic search. I tweak and update my email marketing strategy at least once a month with the goal of increasing my open rates, clicks, and conversions. For example, I recently changed my autoresponse sequence and content. I also scan the marketplace quarterly for tools/services that might be better than what I am using. The market is highly competitive so companies are always trying to one-up each other, for instance, several companies offer free email marketing services to attract customers. Free plans are excellent for beginners and folks with low subscriber counts.

Email marketing services boil down to user-friendliness, integration with other apps, and pricing. I use MailerLite, a top-rated email marketing provider. It integrates with my opt-in form plugin, Bloom, for a potent one-two punch. I use Bloom to get subscribers, and MailerLite to send messages. I’m happy with MailerLite, but let’s compare them to AWeber, a major player in the market. I used AWeber years ago, so it’s an opportunity to check in. Let’s compare their lowest priced plans to see which business provides more value.

  • MailerLite

MailerLite was founded in 2010 and operates in Vilnius, Lithuania. More than 500,000 businesses, startups, and freelancers use their email and marketing services.

  • AWeber

AWeber was founded in 1998 and operates in Charlotte, USA. Millions of individuals and companies use their marketing tools to reach customers and grow their businesses.

Feature Comparison

Most email marketing software features are self-explanatory, and details are available on each website.

FeaturesAWeber $19/month plan MailerLite $0/month plan
Emails per monthUnlimitedUnlimited
Team managementXX
Drag-and-drop editorXX
HTML editorXX
Rich text editorXX
Landing pagesXX
Opt-in formsXX
Embedded formsXX
WordPress pluginXX
Mobile friendly emailsXX
RSS campaignsXX
Click mapX
Auto resendx
A/B split testingXX
File managerXX
Unsubscribe page builderx
Send time optimizationX
Sales trackingX
Product recommendationsX
Predicted demographics
Abandoned cart emails
Transactional emails
Ad integration
Subscribe/unsubscribe notificationsXX
Subscriber managementXX
Tracking and campaign reportsXX
Customer supportXX
Major Differences


MailerLite offers automatic resend and unsubscribe page builder capabilities. Regarding automatic resend, MailerLite states, “Increase your open rate up to 30% by automatically resending your campaign to those recipients who didn’t open it the first time or didn’t click any links.” Its unsubscribe page builder allows you to customize your page to retain subscribers. AWeber doesn’t offer any unique features compared to MailerLite and other email marketing providers.


AWeber offers a very clunky, confusing, and dated user interface and dashboard. Its software resembles creations from the late 1990s, which is not a coincidence since it began operations in 1998. Instead of reinventing or overhauling its platform, it takes a bandaid approach to add new features. MailerLite embraces modern design principles, minimalism, and simplicity. By comparison, it’s platform and dashboard are very fluid and logical.


AWeber is priced competitively, but it doesn’t offer a free plan like MailerLite (or MailChimp). Free plans are fantastic for individuals who want to experiment with email marketing and save money. Secondly, MailerLite destroys AWeber on price by costing up to 40 percent less. For example, MailerLite charges $30 a month to AWeber’s $49 for up to 5,000 subscribers.

Final Word

AWeber is only around because of first-mover advantages it gained decades ago, not because it’s software is amazing or innovative. Not much has changed since I left it years ago, and I only wish I would have discovered MailerLite sooner instead of throwing away money. If you’re looking for an excellent, user-friendly, back-to-basics email marketing provider, then you should try MailerLite. Separately, if you use Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Mad Mimi, or Constant Contact, you’ll save up to 60 percent with MailerLite.


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