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Last updated on February 15, 2021

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Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for freelancers with services starting at five dollars. Freelance services fall into various categories including business, marketing, programming, design, writing, translation, video, music, and more. Additionally, there are over 150 service subcategories such as logo design, illustration, sales copy, product photography, voiceover, WordPress, and celebrity impersonators. Through the years, I’ve hired freelancers on Fiverr for many tasks, such as graphic design and explainer video creation.

Fiverr Pro is Fiverr’s batch of top quality, verified, and hand-picked professionals who are “trusted by the world’s biggest brands.” Pro freelancers undergo extensive application processes, and only 1 percent of applicants get accepted.

Fiverr is more than a freelancer market. Fiverr Learn features online courses starting at $19. Fiverr Elevate offers short classes and exclusive discounts for businesses at every stage. AND CO provides business software for creating proposals, contracting, invoicing, expense and time tracking, and reporting. ClearVoice is a global content marketing and talent management solution for content creation.

Fiverr Business allows you to organize and manage all your projects, communication, deliveries, and budgeting in one dashboard. It comes with a personal executive assistant, curated freelancer catalog, collaboration tools, and payment methods.

Fiverr Studios is a one-stop source for finding all the freelance talent you need for completing larger projects. Work with a team of freelancers being managed by one Studio Lead, all within the same Gig.

Company Profile

  • Founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2010
  • CEO: Micha Kaufman
  • Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Stock ticker: FVRR
  • Fiverr is active in more than 190 countries
  • “Gigs” start at five dollars, but freelancers can charge thousands for services
  • Many freelancers on Fiverr report making five- and six-figures

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr has multiple affiliate programs. One uses affiliate marketing software from Cellxpert, and the others are hosted on CJ Affiliate and Awin affiliate networks. I previously promoted Fiverr using CJ Affiliate. However, I now promote using Cellxpert, since first-party links are more advantageous and efficient. Let’s review the benefits, drawbacks, commission rate, cookie duration, and program details. Here’s a snapshot.

  • Cost per action (CPA): Cost per sale
  • Commission rate: Up to $150
  • Commission type: Nonrecurring and recurring options
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payout threshold: $100
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Affiliate software/network: Cellxpert, CJ Affiliate, and Awin


Program Benefits

The affiliate landing page is excellent. An affiliate landing page is supposed to be informative, and Fiverr hits the mark. Furthermore, they offer a how to get started guide, video tutorials, and FAQ on the signup page.

The commission rates are excellent. Fiverr offers two commission plans, i.e., a $15 to $150 CPA for first-time buyers and a $10 CPA plus 10 percent revenue share for purchases made within the first 12 months. For the $15 to $150 CPA plan, your earnings will depend on the service subcategory, for example:

  • Whiteboard and explainer videos – $50
  • WordPress – $40
  • Business copywriting – $30
  • Articles and blog posts – $25
  • All other subcategories – $15

Commissions are available for other Fiverr products. You’ll make $100 + 10% recurring for Fiverr Business, 30% for Fiverr Learn, and 50% for AND CO transactions.

You’ll earn 10 percent of revenues from the sales of your sub-affiliates. Publishers who signup for Fiverr’s affiliate program through your unique sub-affiliate link become a part of your potential earnings.

Affiliates get a 30-day cookie. One of my biggest complaints with some programs is that their cookie/conversion windows are too short. Fiverr provides a standard referral period to get credit for sales.

Deep linking is available, and it’s how an affiliate creates a link to a specific page on the merchant’s site. Instead of using a standard homepage affiliate link, you can link to an article or product that relates to your content to increase relevance and conversion rates. Deep linking is very beneficial given the amount and uniqueness of services available on Fiverr. Learn how to deep-link in the FAQ.

There are thousands of marketing materials to use. Fiverr provides a plethora of creatives and banners in various file formats, sizes, and languages. It’s one of the most comprehensive offerings of any affiliate program.

There’s a full-time affiliate marketing team, which you can reach on the contact page. When a merchant has the staff to support publishers, it quickens processes and shows commitment.

Affiliates get different payment options. You can choose from USD, EUR, and GBP currencies. You can receive money via PayPal, Payoneer, and your bank account (wire and ACH transfer).

Fiverr is a market leader. Given its dominance, unique value propositions, and expanding services; it’s a fantastic company to promote. It doesn’t have any robust competitors (Upwork, a freelancer marketplace, targets a different user group, and doesn’t have an affiliate program).

Customers can find every service imaginable. Most services on Fiverr belong to conventional categories, including design, business, marketing, and so on. However, the “fun & lifestyle” category is where you’ll find interesting and unique services from impersonators, pranksters, gamers, and relationship experts. For instance, there are Jesus impersonators and someone who will “save your marriage with a potent psychic love spell.” Secondly, there are many gag services that would make excellent gifts.

Program Drawbacks

Commissions only apply to first-time buyers. Most programs reward publishers for every sale regardless of buyer status, which is why affiliate marketing is an attractive way to make money online. Fiverr’s restrictive first-time buyer clause is very unappealing and creates somewhat of a win-lose proposition. Conversely, it does offset this a bit with its $10 CPA plus revenue share commission plan.

The payout threshold is high. The Cellxpert program issues payments when commissions exceed 100 USD or the local equivalent. A $50 threshold is commonplace and would be more favorable. That’s the standard on most affiliate networks.

Affiliate marketing software could be more efficient. Affiliates must request their payments because the app doesn’t automatically process commissions. For instance, I had requested a payment of $133.15. A few days later, it went into “pending” status then changed to “declined.” Also, all my commissions vanished. I sent an email to Fiverr’s affiliate team, and they said it was a “human error,” not software. The matter was resolved quickly, but I was left scratching my head. Although I prefer self-hosted software and first-party links, Fiverr should consider moving away from Cellxpert.

Fiverr Pro commissions are capped. Some Fiverr Pro services cost as much as $8,500. However, the most you can earn is $150 per sale. A variable commission rate on Fiverr Pro sales would be more beneficial, for example, 10 percent.


Making Money

Can you make four figures a month as a Fiverr affiliate? You can and more. Fiverr is a market leader with an excellent and rewarding affiliate program. There are thousands of unique services to promote, which yields many promotional opportunities. It pays excellent commission rates, and the self-hosted software is satisfactory. Furthermore, there’s the potential for higher payouts for high-volume affiliates. The only drawback is the first-time buyer stipulation, which can constrain earnings.

Where should Fiverr rank in your marketing activities? It should be a mid priority. If your niche is freelancing, small business, entrepreneurship, or the gig economy, you could make it a high priority. Fiverr’s strong brand and various freelancer tools make it a promising merchant.

I recommend joining Fiverr’s affiliate program because it has excellent potential, and I’ve made money with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fiverr's affiliate commission rate?

Fiverr has two commission plans, i.e., a $15 to $150 CPA for first-time buyers and a $10 CPA plus 10 percent revenue share for purchases made within the first 12 months.

What is the cookie length?

The cookie is 30 days.


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