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Finance is the management of large amounts of money, especially by corporations and governments. For example, a portfolio manager oversees 20 billion in assets. It’s no secret that the world of finance is lucrative and responsible for creating many millionaires and billionaires.

The field of finance is responsible for the thousands of financial products and services that millions of people use worldwide. You probably use financial products, for instance, bank accounts, investments, credit cards, and loans. Secondly, the institutions that many individuals deal with are commonly a result of recommendations from family and friends. Thus, companies spend billions of dollars on marketing to attract/retain customers, increase brand awareness, and differentiate themselves. Some of their marketing budgets include money for performance marketing initiatives, such as affiliate marketing.

Financial tech companies (fintechs) have made the landscape more exciting and rewarding. Fintechs leverage the internet and technology to create innovative cost-saving solutions. Millions of people are gravitating to fintechs as alternatives to legacy banks and financial companies. For example, N26 and Revolut–two popular mobile banking apps–have quickly attracted millions of customers. Many fintechs have affiliate programs to support customer acquisition and sales growth.

How to Make Money

Given the size and appeal of the financial industry, many creators and marketers want to profit from it. Many creators use YouTube and blogs to monetize their traffic and content. They might also self-publish personal finance books and online courses (as I have in the past). Although there are many ways to profit on YouTube, ad revenue and affiliate marketing are two conventional methods. Ad revenue comes from Google running ads on videos. Earnings are split between Google and channel owners and paid through AdSense. Companies pay affiliates when their marketing efforts result in sales and leads.

The Best Financial Affiliate Programs

Let’s review the best financial affiliate programs, which tend to pay generous fixed commissions for sales (cost per sale) and leads (cost/pay per lead). Many of the programs on this list are available on the top affiliate networks. These programs and networks are excellent for bloggers, YouTubers, beginners, and experienced marketers. I’ve separated advertisers into popular affiliate program categories so that you can find products and services for your niche. A company might not mention an affiliate program on its website but may have one. Merchants typically link to their affiliate programs in their website menus and footers, and some offer programs on multiple networks.

You can also promote personal finance courses. Online education is a multibillion-dollar industry with many e-learning companies offering courses in financial planning, budgeting, saving, investing, and so on. Many of these same companies have rewarding affiliate programs, for example, Coursera.

Since financial products impact the lives of almost everyone, you don’t need to limit your content to money matters. For instance, a travel blogger could write about travel credit cards, whereas a YouTube gamer might discuss the products she uses to save money. Thus, promoting financial solutions are as relevant as you want them to be for your audience. Unfortunately, financial merchants tend to be more selective with who they approve, so you’ll want to have a website. Having only a social media profile(s) usually won’t cut it.

Bank Affiliate Programs
  • Axos Bank – Up to $120 (commission rate)

Axos Bank provides loans, checking and savings accounts. Learn about the Axos Bank affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Barclays US Online Savings – $2

Barclays Online Banking offers high yield savings accounts and CDs with no minimum balance to open. Learn about the Barclays US affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • BBVA Compass – $85

BBVA offers checking and savings accounts, credit cards, wealth management, and other financial services. Learn about the BBVA affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • bunq – Up to €30

bunq is a fully licensed Dutch mobile bank operating across the EU. It gives you the freedom to spend, save, move, transfer, and invest your money. Learn about the bunq affiliate program.

  • CIT Bank – $100

CIT Bank is an online-only bank offering highly competitive savings products to advance the savings strategies of today’s consumer. Learn about the CIT Bank affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Digit – $10

Digit focuses on making financial health, saving, and reducing debt effortless for everyone. Learn about the Digit affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Monese – Up to 13 GBP

Monese gives you access to dual currency accounts, cheap global remittances, and digital services. Learn about the Monese affiliate program.

  • N26 – £35

N26 provides mobile banking services. It offers current accounts and other financial services, letting customers manage their finances via smartphone. Learn about the N26 affiliate program.

  • Novo – $25

Bank Novo is a small business banking platform that offers powerfully simple business banking with online checking and debit accounts. Learn about the Bank Novo affiliate program on Impact.

  • Pockit – 4.80 GBP

Pockit provides a banking app designed specifically for low-income customers. Learn about the Pockit affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Revolut – Up to £500

Revolut is a money transfer and financial services app that allows you to hold, exchange, and send funds without fees. Learn about the Revolut affiliate program.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs
  • American Express Canada – $100

Amex is a global leader in charge and credit cards, travel, financial planning, insurance, and banking. Learn about the Amex affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Avianca – Up to $180

Avianca LifeMiles credit cards are the official U.S. partner credit cards of Avianca Airlines and LifeMiles. Learn about the Avianca affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Capital Bank (OpenSky) – $25

The OpenSky Secured Visa card doesn’t require a credit check for approval. Learn about the OpenSky affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Indigo Card – $35

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard provides an opportunity to access credit for those with less than perfect credit records. Learn about the Indigo affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Luxury Card – $405

Luxury Card is an issuer of premium credit cards with perks. Learn about the Luxury Card affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • First Progress Platinum – $45

The First Progress Platinum MasterCard is a credit card with a revolving credit line based on a refundable security deposit. Learn about the First Progress affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Milestone Gold – $35

Milestone Gold MasterCard has all the benefits of a gold card for those with less than perfect credit histories. Learn about the Milestone Gold affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Petal – $36

Petal’s credit card has high limits, no fees, low-interest rates, and gives customers cashback. Learn about the Petal affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Sam’s Club – $67.50

Sam’s Club credit card allows customers to earn up to 5 percent cash back on purchases. Learn about the Sam’s Club affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • USAA – $25

USAA membership offers exclusive benefits, products, and discounts for U.S. military members and their members. Learn about the USAA affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • First Access – $16

The First Access Visa credit card is available to customers with varying credit scores. Learn about the First Access affiliate program on FlexOffers.

Credit Affiliate Programs
  • Credit Karma – $3.20

Credit Karma offers free credit scores, reports, tools, and insights. Learn about the Credit Karma affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Dun & Bradstreet – 24%

Dun & Bradstreet offers credit-building and credibility solutions for businesses. Learn about the Dun & Bradstreet affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Experian – Up to $100

Experian provides online consumer credit reports, credit scores, and credit monitoring. Learn about the Experian affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Equifax – Up to $32

Equifax Small Business sells credit reports and monitoring services. Learn about the Equifax affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Lexington Law – $65

Lexington Law is a consumer advocacy law firm and a trusted leader in the credit repair industry. Learn about the Lexington Law affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • MyFICO – $5

MyFICO offers credit reports, scores, and tips to consumers. Learn about the MyFICO affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Nav – $40

Nav is a free service that shows business owners how to improve their financial health by helping them understand credit. Learn about the Nav affiliate program on Impact.

  • PayPal Credit – $54

PayPal Credit is a reusable credit line built into a person’s PayPal account. Learn about the PayPal Credit affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • TransUnion – Up to $65

TransUnion provides credit reports, scores, analyses, and unbiased content to improve people’s lives. Learn about the TransUnion affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

Insurance Affiliate Programs
  • Bestow – $50

Bestow uses data and technology to offer affordable life insurance plans. Learn about the Bestow affiliate program on Impact.

  • Esurance – $10

Esurance sells auto, home, motorcycle, and renters insurance direct to consumers online and by phone. Learn about the Esurance affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Hiscox – $25

Hiscox sells small business insurance online. Learn about the Hiscox affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance – Up to $10

Liberty Mutual Insurance helps people preserve and protect what they earn, build, own, and cherish. Learn about the Liberty Mutual affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • The Hartford – $11

Get business, home, and car insurance from The Hartford. Learn about The Hartford affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

Investment Affiliate Programs
  • Acorns – $8

Acorns is a micro-investing app that helps people save and invest for the future. Learn about the Acorns affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • M1 Finance – $100

M1 Finance offers a unique combination of automated investing with a high level of customization, allowing clients to create portfolios tailored to their exact needs. Learn about the M1 Finance affiliate program.

  • Morningstar – Up to $20

Morningstar offers an array of investment-research and investment-management services. Learn about the Morningstar affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Motley Fool – $112

Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through its website, podcasts, books, and investing services. Learn about the Motley Fool affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Personal Capital – $100

Personal Capital is a robo-advisor offering many financial services and free tools for investors. Learn about the Personal Capital affiliate program.

  • Stash Invest – $5

Stash is on a mission to empower a new generation of investors, giving everyone access to financial opportunity. Learn about the Stash affiliate program on Impact.

Money Transfer Affiliate Programs
  • Remitly – Up to $20

Remitly is an online and mobile payment service company that provides international money transfers. It focuses on remittance activities. Learn about the Remitly affiliate program on Impact.

  • TransferGo – £10

TransferGo is an international money transfer company for migrant workers who want to send money back to their families. Learn about the TransferGo affiliate program.

  • TransferWise – £10

TransferWise is an online service that lets people send and receive money internationally at the mid-market exchange rates and low fees. Learn about the TransferWise affiliate program.

Loan Affiliate Programs
  • Credible – Up to $225

Credible empowers consumers by bringing transparency and simplicity to the process of borrowing and refinancing debt. Learn about the Credible affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Earnin – $6.40

With Earnin, there is no need to wait for payday. Access up to $100 per day of the money already earned. Learn about the Earnin affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • MoneyKey – $60

MoneyKey is an online lender that provides short-term, unsecured personal loans and lines of credit to underserved consumers. Learn about the MoneyKey affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Kabbage Working Capital – $120

Kabbage provides business loans to SMBs. Learn about the Kabbage affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • LendingTree – Up to $70

LendingTree provides consumers with multiple lenders for their borrowing needs. Learn about the LendingTree affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • LendKey – $200

LendKey is where borrowers can shop for not-for-profit, local lenders who offer low-cost and low-rate student loan refinancing. Learn about the LendKey affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • OppLoans – $96

OppLoans provides nonprime borrowers with better personal loans of up to $10,000. Learn about the OppLoans affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Prosper – 10%

Prosper is a P2P lending platform that allows borrowers to secure fixed rate, unsecured personal loans. Learn about the Prosper affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • SoFi – Up to $150

SoFi is a new kind of finance company taking a radical approach to lending. Learn about the SoFi affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Upgrade – $60

Upgrade consumers can access affordable personal loans with low, fixed rates that never change. Learn about the Upgrade affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Upstart – $100

Upstart offers personal loans for credit card refinancing, debt consolidation, large purchases, and more. Learn about the Upstart affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

Tax Affiliate Programs
  • E-file – $1.40

E-file offers consumer tax preparation and e-filing services at affordable prices. Learn about the E-file affiliate program on CJ.

  • H&R Block – 14%

H&R Block offers DIY tax preparation services, tax software, and branches. Learn about the H&R Block affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • QuickBooks – $5

QuickBooks makes account software for individuals and businesses. Stay organized, get paid, and save time. Learn more about the QuickBooks affiliate program on CJ.

  • QuickBooks Checks and Supplies – 10%

QuickBooks Checks and Supplies offers products specifically designed to work with its QuickBooks products. Learn about the QuickBooks affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • TaxAct – 15%

TaxAct provides affordable tax preparation solutions for individuals, business owners, and tax professionals. Learn about the TaxAct affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

  • Turbo Tax – Up to 15%

Turbo Tax offers tax preparation software to file taxes online. Learn about the Turbo Tax affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

Trading Affiliate Programs
  • Ally Invest – Up to $50

Ally Invest is a leading discount broker. Customers can buy stocks, ETFs, options, and more. Learn about the Ally Invest affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Questrade – $70

Questrade is Canada’s largest independent online brokerage. It charges low fees and offers many financial services. Learn about the Questrade affiliate program.

  • Robinhood – Up to $20

Robinhood users can invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptos while paying zero commissions. Learn about the Robinhood affiliate program on Impact.

  • TradeStation – $50

TradeStation is a discount brokerage offering low-cost stock, ETF, options, and more. Learn about the TradeStation affiliate program on Impact.

Other Affiliate Programs
  • National Debt Relief – $27.50

National Debt Relief helps consumers get out of debt without loans and bankruptcy. Learn about the National Debt Relief affiliate program on ShareASale.

  • Payoff – $120

Payoff is a financial wellness company that applies science, psychology, and technology to help people achieve economic well-being. Learn about the Payoff affiliate program on FlexOffers.

  • Tally – $40

Tally is an automated debt manager that makes it easy to save money, manage cards, and reduce outstanding balances. Learn about the Tally affiliate program on Impact.

  • The WSJ – $30

The WSJ is a critical source of business and financial news. Learn about the WSJ affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.


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