How to Make Money on Twitter


Learn how to make money on Twitter in 2020. Monetize your profile and earn money with affiliate marketing, ecommerce, instructional content, advertising, and more.


How to Earn Money From Facebook Pages


Facebook Pages provide many benefits. Keep your fans updated, promote and boost posts, serve customers, post job offers, build a community, and promote events. Furthermore, use call-to-actions to connect users with your products and services.


How to Buy or Sell a Facebook Group


Learn how to buy or sell a Facebook group instead of starting one from scratch. A Facebook group is an excellent digital asset to own for marketing and sales.


How to Make Money With a Facebook Group


In 2014, I created my first group, Free Online Courses, which grew to 40,000+ members (my good buddy Ali Mirza now owns the group). The group helped me to expand my online reach, connect with like-minded people, and generate passive income.