Skyscanner Affiliate Program: Make $1,000+ Monthly in 2023?

COVID-19 and a global pandemic have upended the travel industry. Travel bloggers and YouTubers have been hit hard as a result. It will be a while before travel and tourism return to normal and prosperity. However, we must continue to monitor opportunities and merchants that have high earnings potential. Skyscanner is one such company that interests many affiliate marketers.

Skyscanner is a travel search engine and comparison site. It scans the internet and pulls prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals from thousands of online travel agencies and airlines worldwide. Skyscanner wants to show the best deals and cost savings. The Group–a large online travel agency in China–owns Skyscanner.

PayPal Affiliate Program & Best Alternatives in 2023

PayPal is an OF (Original FinTech). Long before Wise, Square, and Stripe, PayPal supported online payments, money transfers, and digital wallets in the late 1990s. Dubbed the “PayPal Mafia,” many former PayPal founders and employees founded and developed other technology companies, including Tesla, LinkedIn, SpaceX, Affirm, Slide, Kiva, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer. Elon Musk is one of the notable members of the group.

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program: Make $1,000+ Monthly in 2023

For all that YouTube is, and isn’t, it’s still a potentially lucrative method to monetize content. To support your goals and help you thrive/survive, TubeBuddy offers a robust app for planning, strategizing, and growing a channel. Its free browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) features many tools for productivity, keyword research, tags, bulk processing, analytics, and more. Its web app provides dashboards and charts for various video and channel metrics. Many features are free to access, while others are available through paid plans. TubeBuddy is a YouTube certified app.

47 High-Paying Affiliate Programs 2023 (Best Commissions)

It may seem obvious to promote high-paying programs. However, many affiliates painstakingly market low-paying programs and merchants, such as Amazon Associates, which pays up to 10%. On the other hand, I’m not suggesting publishers only promote programs with high payouts. Instead, they should strike a balance and understand a program’s earning potential. For example, converting one Shopify plan monthly for twelve months will generate $1,800 in commissions yearly ($150 x 12 months). That amount is probably more rewarding than earnings from other programs for the same marketing effort.

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